Chloe Tang releases "Off My Back" with Thoreau

Stream "Off My Back" here:

Thoreau has been hitting 2018 hard with releases of ‘Like We Used To’ (ft. Jeris) and his rework of Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’, which was featured on The Chainsmoker’s Nice Hair SiriusXM Radio Show, received high marks from YourEDM, EDMTunes, and Dancing Astronaut, and also received a #1 on Hype Machine for Remixes (#2 overall).  In ‘God’s Plan’ Thoreau masterfully remade the track into a high energy tune and allowed his fans a little more insight to his life, from nods to his cat and snowboarding, to telling us that he has an EP on the way in the summer. He also allowed us to start seeing him as not just a producer but as the whole package.


Thoreau now pairs up with the powerhouse Denver local Chloe Tang for ‘Off My Back’, which is a melodic beauty that swells with luscious guitar, intricate percussion, and impeccable gritty synths that put you straight in your feels after the first drop. Chloe’s voice then dances all over the track as she effortlessly carries each note from high to low as if she was born to do this.


“To me, 'Off My Back' represents a turning point in any relationship when things become really clear and you realize that you're not being treated the way you deserve. This song is special for me because I was in a place in my life where my alter ego (who is fucking fearless) was finally becoming part of the real me and I was no longer afraid of demanding better for myself.” - Chloe Tang


Chloe, who grew up playing both piano and guitar, will be releasing part of her second EP later this month where she brings more maturity and character, as well as variety, to her ever-expanding repertoire in hopes of creating a truly unique and genuine alternative pop experience.


“This track was nothing but a pleasure to work on.  Chloe and I met up and cut the vocals in under two hours and the song was pretty much in place after that. Hope you guys vibe with it as much as we did!”


As far as Thoreau goes, this track comes as the last one for a while that he will pair up with another vocalist outside of himself, as he starts to craft his sound as a hip-hop singer/songwriter. With lots of content locked and loaded, Thoreau can’t wait to start sharing with the world what he’s been brewing.