Through the Lens: Avenhart


Avenhart has always remained true to the root of their name: heart.  The folk bluegrass band began their rise in the Denver music scene a few years ago in the halls of CU Denver.  Despite the notoriety of the difficulty of the scene, the band has persisted and flourished.

            “It kind of started as a passion project,” lead singer Andrea says.  “Over time, we started to ask, ‘Is this serious?’”  The band has gone through several members, which has been a challenge in itself.  “Every time someone new comes in, it’s like a completely different vibe because we’re so close—we have to be.”  Avenhart’s current lineup is more than dynamic; all the members are passionate and work well together onstage to put on a great show.  Fans seem to think so too, because the band sold out the Larimer Lounge last weekend.  Their next step?  Rumor has it, The Bluebird.

            Avenhart’s goals have grown with their dreams.  With the help of CAM Records, they’ve expanded their pursuit of success and the future looks bright no matter where it takes them.  “We’re just going to keep making music and putting out content and trying to reach further and further out of our Denver bubble and keep going.”