Unsigned Unheard Presents: The U Cube

Unsigned Unheard is ready to tell Denver what they are all about and are doing so with The U Cube show at the Space Gallery on Thursday, October 18th. This slightly bigger than a house show is by the creatives, for the creatives, featuring local musicians, Whole Milk, rezlo, CRL CRLL, Connor Ray, KDJ Above, and Polyphoni. Tickets are starting at $10 and this event is open to anyone over the age of 18. Make sure to check this out if you enjoy live performances full of raw, authentic talent.

Use promo code CU@TheUCube to save $2 on your ticket!

One Flew West: Upcoming Shows / EP Release

The high energy pop/rockers of CAM Record’s alumni band One Flew West, are performing a spooky Halloween special this October. Covering songs by Tenacious D, One Flew West will be performing in Denver at the Larimer Lounge on Friday, October 26th, 9:00pm. The following day, they will be doing the Tenacious D cover set in Fort Collins at the Downtown Artery, 8:00pm. Also performing at these shows are Slow Caves and Compass & Cavern.

One Flew West released their second EP ‘Trial and Error’ in January 2018. This five track EP has been featured by notable publications including Alternative Press, idobi Radio, and New Noise Magazine. It has also been added to Spotify-curated playlists, The Scene and Pop Punk’s Not Dead.

New Single "Stranger" Debuts From Chloe Tang's Upcoming EP

Chloe Tang has been hitting the Denver Music scene hard with her last EP Passion//Aggression receiving mentions from 303 Magazine and Ultra 5280,  along with being regarded as a Hometown Holiday Artist on 93.3 Denver’s Modern Rock Station for her single Hangover. Since then Tang has been focusing on breaking out of her comfort zone by experimenting with the Rock, EDM, Pop and r&b musical genres. She recently collaborated with local EDM artist Thoreau on the track “Off My Back” which was released March 13th and has since then been mentioned on the popular blogs Your EDM, EDM Tunes, and EARMILK. “Off My Back” marks a new stage in this singer/songwriters musical journey and is propelling her into the Alternative Pop Landscape.


Tang is now releasing her new single Stranger, produced by Slackbeatz, which will be a featured track on her forthcoming EP that is set to be released this May. Stranger is a melodic beauty that swells with luscious vocals, intricate percussion, and impeccable gritty synths that put you straight in your feels after the first drop. The lyrics are the hard hitting truth that anyone can relate to when someone you once knew becomes a stranger. This hip-hop/r&b track presents Tang in a new light that displays the depths in which an artist can grow.  


“I wrote this song trying to expand my writing abilities without losing who I am as a writer. It stemmed from being really honest and open about a relationship and then I brought it to Slack and he gave the song life. The idea of someone who you’ve been close with for a long time becoming a stranger is one of the most shocking feelings I’ve experienced. The hip hop/r&b style of this song is something I’ve never done before and it may be unexpected but it is a true representation of who I am right now and what is inspiring me. I love r&b as much as I love any other genre I listen to. This track has been so fun to make and I hope people have fun with it. “ - Chloe Tang

Chloe Tang releases "Off My Back" with Thoreau

Stream "Off My Back" here:  https://open.spotify.com/track/3SoHRFBuaJ11rD7uxxG5Uq

Thoreau has been hitting 2018 hard with releases of ‘Like We Used To’ (ft. Jeris) and his rework of Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’, which was featured on The Chainsmoker’s Nice Hair SiriusXM Radio Show, received high marks from YourEDM, EDMTunes, and Dancing Astronaut, and also received a #1 on Hype Machine for Remixes (#2 overall).  In ‘God’s Plan’ Thoreau masterfully remade the track into a high energy tune and allowed his fans a little more insight to his life, from nods to his cat and snowboarding, to telling us that he has an EP on the way in the summer. He also allowed us to start seeing him as not just a producer but as the whole package.


Thoreau now pairs up with the powerhouse Denver local Chloe Tang for ‘Off My Back’, which is a melodic beauty that swells with luscious guitar, intricate percussion, and impeccable gritty synths that put you straight in your feels after the first drop. Chloe’s voice then dances all over the track as she effortlessly carries each note from high to low as if she was born to do this.


“To me, 'Off My Back' represents a turning point in any relationship when things become really clear and you realize that you're not being treated the way you deserve. This song is special for me because I was in a place in my life where my alter ego (who is fucking fearless) was finally becoming part of the real me and I was no longer afraid of demanding better for myself.” - Chloe Tang


Chloe, who grew up playing both piano and guitar, will be releasing part of her second EP later this month where she brings more maturity and character, as well as variety, to her ever-expanding repertoire in hopes of creating a truly unique and genuine alternative pop experience.


“This track was nothing but a pleasure to work on.  Chloe and I met up and cut the vocals in under two hours and the song was pretty much in place after that. Hope you guys vibe with it as much as we did!”


As far as Thoreau goes, this track comes as the last one for a while that he will pair up with another vocalist outside of himself, as he starts to craft his sound as a hip-hop singer/songwriter. With lots of content locked and loaded, Thoreau can’t wait to start sharing with the world what he’s been brewing.

Through the Lens: Avenhart


Avenhart has always remained true to the root of their name: heart.  The folk bluegrass band began their rise in the Denver music scene a few years ago in the halls of CU Denver.  Despite the notoriety of the difficulty of the scene, the band has persisted and flourished.

            “It kind of started as a passion project,” lead singer Andrea says.  “Over time, we started to ask, ‘Is this serious?’”  The band has gone through several members, which has been a challenge in itself.  “Every time someone new comes in, it’s like a completely different vibe because we’re so close—we have to be.”  Avenhart’s current lineup is more than dynamic; all the members are passionate and work well together onstage to put on a great show.  Fans seem to think so too, because the band sold out the Larimer Lounge last weekend.  Their next step?  Rumor has it, The Bluebird.

            Avenhart’s goals have grown with their dreams.  With the help of CAM Records, they’ve expanded their pursuit of success and the future looks bright no matter where it takes them.  “We’re just going to keep making music and putting out content and trying to reach further and further out of our Denver bubble and keep going.”

Through the Lens of the Locals CAM

Introducing our new Instagram series “Locals CAM”!  The series will feature weekly up-to-date posts on Colorado-local bands doing the thing they do best: music!  Whether they’re a rock band, a solo singer-songwriter, an 8-piece jazz band, or a funk duo, we want to hear them—and we want you to hear them too.

Accompanying each post in our series will be short interviews with the bands posted right here on our blog!  Make sure to check back every week to find out what’s inspiring your favorite local artists and where they hope their hard work will take them.

Is your Colorado band playing a local venue soon?  Want us to check out your show for a chance to be featured on our Instagram?  Email us at wearecamrecords@gmail.com with date, time, and venue information.


It's that time of year again! Channel 93.3 (Colorado's modern rock radio station) has announced the Top 10 songs for their annual end of the year local band competition 'Hometown for the Holidays', and Chloe Tang's hot new single "Hangover" was chosen.



Now that Chloe has been chosen for the Top 10 we need YOU to vote for her. Channel 93.3 will be playing the Top 10 songs on the air, but we need you to sign up to be a Music Nerd and take the survey to vote for Chloe's song "Hangover". The survey goes out on Thursday, December 7th and voting will be open until December 12th at 11:59pm.

The top three bands will be invited to the live show at Summit Music Hall on December 15th, and the overall Hometown For The Holidays winning band will have the opportunity to open Not So Silent Night 2018 and a spot in the Westword Music Showcase 2018.


 After voting check out Chloe Tang's new song Hangover- avalaible on Spotify.


 For quite some time CAM Records has been hard at work revising so many great artists to add to the CAM roster, well as of late all the hard work has finally paid off. CAM Records is very pleased to introduce our latest addition: Chloe Tang. Chloe Tang is a mind-blowing artist from  Phoenix, AZ  who is based out of Denver, CO, Chloe’s music is full of propelling lyrics, catchy melodic hooks, and driving drum beats. not to mention  Chloe and her three-piece band always provide a high energy and engaging performance. Chloe is making major waves through the mile high city and it doesn't look like she will be slowing down anytime soon. I highly advise you to check out her powerful music.







CAM Records has released a completely new logo.the new logo depicts an outline of the scenic rocky mountains as well as the Beautiful  Denver skyline well connecting the dots to their  University of Colorado heritage by using the famous black and gold school colors. CAM Records believes this new logo fits who we are and more who we’ve become since our start in 2013. If interested in checking out the new CAM Records logo just scroll down. as well you may find the new log on our website, Facebook, and Twitter page and very soon our Instagram. please stay tuned , because we have so much more in store.