About Us



It is CAM Records mission to promote and help independent Colorado artists grow to a new level of success while also educating CAM students with hands-on experience on how to run a record label.


                                                   “Amplifying Colorado Music”                                                 


Since it’s official beginning in 1998 CAM Records’ mission was to be more than just a record label. It was destined to be the best student-run record label in the country. After working with artists including The Fray, My Body Sings Electric, and You Me & Apollo and two awards for Best College Record Label Release of the Year under their belt, CAM Records is proving itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Colorado music scene.

CAM Record’s history begins in the fall of 1998. With two professors, Dick Weissman and Frank Jermance, a dozen students, and a vision. That same year CAM’s first album, Revolutions in Music, was released. Revolutions in Music II and Revolutions in Music III followed and were released in 2000 and 2001. These albums included songs written, performed, and produced by student musicians in the College of Arts and Media at UCD. In 2002 CAM Records changed from a club to a class on campus. With the collective effort of several students over two years, their next album, Colorado Cuts, was released in 2006. The album featured songs from The Fray and Bop Skizzum among others. It also received critical acclaim in the New York Times and Denver Post. The sequel to Colorado Cuts, Put Your Ear to the Ground, was released in the spring of 2007 with music from acts such as Paper Bird and Ian Cooke. This album earned CAM Records the Independent Music Association’s Vox Populi award for the best college record label release. This award was won a second time in 2009 for the release, From These Words, which included work from John Common, The Dualistics, and The Autumn Film. From These Words utilized technology never before scene in the College record label industry. The album was released exclusively on USB wristbands. The wristbands set all sales records previously set by CAM and sold out within days. From 2011 to 2013, CAM collaborated with University of Colorado Denver’s Digital Design team to release music videos for Denver artists including My Body Sings Electric, MTHDS, Regret Night, Wiredogs, Lucid Vision, Ronniit, and Sawmill Joe. In 2014, CAM signed Americana and indie-rock band You Me & Apollo to release their debut full-length album, Sweet Honey. With hopes of making a lasting impression on Colorado music, CAM will continue to push students and their artists to new levels of success through hours of hard work and dedication. Every year they’re growing to be a bigger and better label with nowhere left to go but up.